Tuesday, March 4, 2014


How was your Tuesday?
Today we reread the selection and discussed the Basal Alignment Questions. We worked on adverbs. We had time to work on our Bloom's Balls. And we did a little bit, prop-wise, for our play. Yay!
In math, we used equations with more than one operation to complete a table. Fun!
In science, we did an experiment with hot and cold water. We made graphs to chart the water temperature over the course of 45 minutes.


  • reading log
  • fluency
  • studies weekly due Friday
  • spelling choice
  • math practice 14-3
  • writing: write a story using the words chicken, volume, illuminate

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy happy Monday!

Today was an awesome start to the week. It was kind of odd in that we had an assembly today, but it flowed nicely.
We started work on our Bloom's Balls. They look fabulous when finished and put together. Can't wait to hang them up!
We finished reading our selection and used the drawing strategy to monitor and clarify.
In math, we found patterns and wrote equations for tables.
In science, we learned about kinetic and potential energy. We had a sorting activity to go along with the lesson.


  • reading log
  • fluency (heat energy)
  • spelling choice and related words
  • math practice 14-1 and practice 14-2
  • studies weekly due Friday
  • writing: When I left ______ I didn't expect to see _______ again.