Monday, June 18, 2007

Dual Personalities

I went "home" for Father's Day. Home is Las Vegas.

And home is wonderful.

One thing I noticed about home is the way some people act. Specifically, my cousin - I'll call her Amanda. When we were little, she went by Mandy. Mandy was older, more hip, more beautiful, more everything. She was my idol. I adored her. She grew up, got married, and became known as Amanda. Except to the immediate family, to us she's still Mandy. And now it's like she's two different people.

Mandy is still fabulous -- she's the one who knows the hip hangouts and the hottest new restaurants to try. She wears the newest fashions and is always on the cutting edge. I adore her.

Amanda is nice too, but in a different way. She is a mom and a wife first. She takes wonderful care of her family. She plans and cooks gourment meals. She spends endless amounts of time decorating her house. And truthfully, she's a bit boring.

I want Amanda to be Mandy all the time, even though I know that's not possible. She grew up, got married, had babies, and became AMANDA. I'm lucky to get any Mandy time and I know this. I just miss her.


Heather said...

Isn't that weird how so many people have the way they were and the way they are. I know normally it's necessary. I guess we should just be thankful for any time we get to spend with the "Mandy" side of the person. I actually have a girlfriend like that too and it drives me crazy. Kinda sad.