Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let's go Cardinals, Let's go!

I have had the BEST weekend so far...

Friday after work, I scurried down to Los Angeles and checked into the Biltmore. It's a fabulous art deco hotel and I love staying there. After I settled myself into my room, I caught a cab to Dodger Stadium where *my* St. Louis Cardinals were playing. Had great seats on the field level, above the Cardinals dugout on the first base side. The Cardinals won the game 2-1 on a homerun by Ryan Ludwick. Ryan (we're not really on a first name basis) knows my dad's doctor, and it's kind of exciting to "know someone who knows a Cardinals player," if you know what I mean!

Saturday morning I meandered down to the USC bookstore. Since I'm officially signed up for a series of education courses and will be receiving a gifted education certificate, I didn't feel at all guilty buying myself a cap that says "USC Rossier School of Education" because I will be taking classes there. Right? Right! Then I went to The Grove for a bit before hitting Dodger Stadium once again. Had even better seats for Saturday night's game. One of my friends is a photographer for the Dodgers, and she came over to chat. She took some photos for me (of me, of Ryan Ludwick) and those arrived by email this morning. Cardinals won again!

Drove back home this morning...the Cardinals/Dodgers game is on television and I'm camped on the couch. And since it's a three day weekend....AAHHH! I still have the rest of today and tomorrow off from work. What could be better?!


Heather said...

NEED PICS OF NEW CAR! THAT is the best part of the weekend! :)