Sunday, November 16, 2008

Old Friends...

The past week or so I have reconnected with several old friends. Well, that's not exactly true. Last weekend I went to Vegas and yes, I connected with my cousin (who is my closest friend) but since we talk every day, is it really a reconnection. I guess it is since she lives in Alabama and I rarely see her -- so yes, I reconnected with her! We went out to dinner and dancing (she danced, I didn't because my knee still isn't right) with another cousin -- that is a reconnection. I haven't seen her in well over a year.

Today I went to a jewelry show hosted by an old friend I haven't seen least two years. That's a crying shame considering she lives super close. But we both lead busy lives, time slips away, and before you know it, we are saying "Why don't we see each other more often?" -- it was great to see her today. I invited another friend to go with me to the show. This friend has been not as close recently as we've been in the past, but today was nice. (I don't like the word nice, by the way, it seems so base, and I don't know why I used it). The jewelry was by Park Lane, I had never heard of it but I liked it. I ended up paying full price for three pieces, paying $12 each for three pieces (one of which was priced at $49) and getting a $68 necklace free. I could only find a couple of pictures on the Park Lane website, but I bought this set. It looked retro to me, and I love retro jewelry! Plus I wear a lot of brown, and it will look nice (there's that word again).

So overall, I'm pleased with my reconnections! It feels good to have seen these people again, and I wonder why I let the relationships slide a bit (all except the cousin I talk to every day...)...I need to work harder to keep my girlfriends close!


Heather said...

Yes, and I will work on it too. Thank you for inviting me to the jewelry party. I had a good time.