Sunday, December 28, 2008


Just cannot shake the holiday blues...there's really no reason to be blue. Had a lovely Christmas, surrounded by my family. I'm not sick, my daughter isn't sick. I'm off work for another week. Have tickets to the Rose Bowl to see my favorite team. But for whatever reason, I'm....blah. Down in the dumps. Curled up in a ball with a book, not wanting to do much. Is it the season? Maybe. Is it the weather? Maybe, it's colder at my parents' house than at my house in Southern California.

Madison had a nice Christmas, got just about everything on her list. Santa found her even though we were away from home (whew!). My parents hosted our annual Christmas Eve party and the food was fabulous, the holiday nog (complete with brandy) flowed, and there was plenty of laughter. Christmas itself was nice, surrounded by more family.

Still not back at home...maybe we'll hit the road tomorrow. We need to be back in Southern California by Wednesday, in time for the Rose Bowl -- that's the only time frame.

Hope you all had a lovely and peaceful holiday!


Mindy said...

Hope you are feeling better! Safe travels back to So Cal!

Heather said...

I know what you mean. At least we get to have Mexican soon. It's probably because so many people we know are idiots. Not to worry. At least we aren't that know? ;o)