Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've been tagged by Chasing Butterflies...

Here are the rules:
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I don't know that there are any strange or weird facts about me (or things that I consider strange or weird) but here goes...

1. I've been a teacher for 14 years and I've only worked at one school.

2. When I visit a new place, I tend to go back over and over until I've 'done' that place to death. Case in point -- in April, I'm going to Paris for the 3rd time in a little over a year. Obsessive? Maybe.

3. If the St. Louis Cardinals are on TV, I won't make plans to leave the house. And yes, I subscribe to MLB Extra Innings, so the Cardinals are on A LOT.

4. The same thing goes for the USC Trojans football team. If they are playing, I stay home. Period. I need to watch it on TV. And if it's not televised (horror of all horrors), I will listen to it on the radio. I don't go that far with the Cardinals, but there are a lot less Trojan games.

5. I NEED to have a book in progress. If I don't, I don't feel complete. Right now I'm in the middle of The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides.

6. I'm a vegetarian. I've toyed with this for a while, but in October I was hospitalized for a kidney problem. My doctor recommended giving up meat because too much protein can cause kidney problems. That was all I needed to hear. It hasn't been difficult because I just think about the kidney pain from October!

7. My mother is a hermit. Or would like to be. Is that a strange/weird fact about me? That's all I can think of right now!

And I don't have anybody to tag!


Heather said...

Love these facts about you! Thanks for doing it and guess what! You're tagged AGAIN! Love ya!