Saturday, February 9, 2008

Page 123

Tagged by my blogging friend Heather. Here's the challenge...

1) pick up the nearest book ( one of at least 123 pages)

2)Open the page to 123

3) Find the 5th sentence

4)Post the next three sentences

5) Tag 5 people (which I can't do, I don't know 5 bloggers...)

In the car, however, beside the actual living girls, the boys realized the paltriness of these images. Inverse properties were also discarded: notions of the girls as damaged or demented. (The crazy old lady in the elevator every day turns out to be, when you finally speak to her, perfectly lucid.)

From The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eudenides

One thing this challenge made me realize is how rich the language is in this book. The word choice is fantastic -- paltriness, inverse, demented, lucid -- these aren't words one would normally use when speaking. And yet, when I read the book, I didn't notice the language being as rich as it is. It took this challenge to point it out to me.

And while I am doing blog challenges, here's one from Cups of Coffee....

What makes me wonder...

I wonder what would happen if I decided to pursue that EdD at USC

I wonder what my cats really think about me

I wonder if I will have to stay on this vegetarian diet for the rest of my life

I wonder what grade(s) I will teach next year

I wonder about the 'big' questions -- God and life after death and the meaning of life

I wonder if this is as happy as I'll ever be