Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Finally recovered after a GREAT football game Saturday. Went to the USC vs Ohio State game in LA. I have been a USC fan since...well, since I can remember. I've been going to USC games since I was 7 years old and we had season tickets. When I grew up and moved to So Cal, one of the first things I did was get a set of season tickets. There were some lean years in the 80's and 90's as a Trojan fan, but the last 8 years under Pete Carroll have been FABULOUS!

The game Saturday was between my #1 ranked USC Trojans (and I can say *my* because I am taking graduate classes at USC and I have a legacy, my grandfather went to USC on a baseball scholarship in the 30's) and the #5 ranked OSU Buckeyes. I have 3 season tickets, and my dad and uncle drove down from Vegas to go to the game with me. They got to my house around 10:30 and we headed up to LA. Because it was a night game, we decided to stay overnight in downtown LA, so the first thing we did was stop by the Biltmore Hotel (super Art Deco hotel) and drop off our bags, then catch a cab over to campus. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE CAMPUS LIKE IT WAS ON SATURDAY. So many people, such a festive atmosphere! I have been to bowl games and a National Championship Game and I can honestly say that Saturday's game rivaled any of those experiences. In fact, it might have been better because it was a home game.

My dad wanted my uncle to see Heritage Hall, the place on campus where USC keeps all the athletic awards won. Seven Heisman trophies. A crystal football. The history is amazing in Heritage Hall. We saw Tommy Trojan and then headed across the street to settle in and wait for kick off. We were able to see the USC players enter the Coliseum, walking down the steps into the stadium. That was a great moment. And such a great game, from a USC standpoint! After the game, we stayed to hear the band concert (love that!) and then we caught a cab back to the hotel. The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and drove back home.

Fight On Trojans!