Friday, September 12, 2008

Lovin' Me Some Custom Jeans!

About four weeks ago I ordered a pair of jeans from Indi Jeans. Not just any jeans. A pair of CUSTOM MADE JEANS! Just for me, made to my body's size and shape, and made according to what I wanted -- what type of pockets, hem, stitching, etc...

It's been a LOOOONG four weeks waiting for my jeans. Would they measure up to my expectations? I have very high expectations when it comes to my jeans. I usually buy my jeans at high end department stores and pay close to $200 a pair because I want the fit, comfort, and style afforded by those type of jeans. Indi jeans were close to that in price ($165 all told) which is why I went ahead with the purchase, the price wasn't outrageous and the concept intrigued me. If the process worked, I'd be back for more. If not, there's a full refund guarantee.

Finally today my jeans arrived. They are PERFECT! The cut fits me exactly, even better than I hoped. Each item I picked out is exactly like I wanted. The weight of the fabric isn't too heavy or too light, it's a nice jeans weight. I'm so going to order another pair! LOVE THEM!!


Heather said...

I want some! How does the process work? I can't imagine how great that would be!

Jennifer said...

I emailed you all the details on how Indi Jeans work...AND I ordered another pair! I LOVE these jeans :)