Monday, January 19, 2009

I Am....

stolen from Emily

I live: in a cute 1950's ranch house that has an entire wall of windows in the living room and I absolutely adore it
I work: at a job I love, teaching school
I smell: honeysuckle, one of my favorite smells
I listen: to Sirius satellite radio in the car
I hide: a lot of myself from most people
I walk: every night
I write: in my blog
I see: my beautiful ten year old
I sing: in the car, out loud
I can: juggle my life most days
I watch: as many St. Louis Cardinals baseball games as I possibly can
I daydream: too much
I want: to go to every USC football away game
I cry: easily and too often
I read: a lot of fiction, and certain blogs ever day
I love: my parents, my family, my home
I rode: four wheelers every weekend when I was growing up, in the Las Vegas desert
I sometimes: buy really expensive purses
I fear: my daughter being hurt or worse, dying
I hope: that Obama is everything we want him to be, and more (good answer, Emily!)
I eat: not as well as I'd like
I drink: lattes from Starbucks
I play: with my class at PE
I miss: my grandfathers
I forgive: myself, even though it takes longer than I'd like
I drive: the car I've always wanted, a BMW 5 series
I lost: myself for a bit, but I've found myself again
I dream: vividly and I go through dream books to try and figure out my dreams
I kiss: a boy!
I hug: my baby girl
I have: the best friends on earth
I remember: most things
I don't: forgive easliy
I believe: that most people are good, until they lose my trust
I owe: Heather a lot, for getting me through some tough times
I know: how people can lie to you, even people you'd never expect
I hate: liars, more than anything
I wish: I knew what the future will bring
I wear: jeans whenever possible, preferably custom made ones
My ex: is an ex for a reason
Maybe I should: slow down sometimes
People would say that I'm: quiet
Life if full of: highs and lows
My past is: over and I need to remember that
I get annoyed when: people don't know what they are doing but still act like they know everything
Parties are: depending on who is there, they can be super fun
Tomorrow: I have to give a huge district test
Never in my life have I: been to Africa, although I want to go
When I was younger, I: wanted to live in California, and I do
When I'm nervous: I pick at my fingernails
When I was 5: I walked to kindergarten with the girl across the street
My life is not complete without: spending time with my daughter
If you visit my hometown: you are probably there to gamble
The world could do without: mosquitos
If I ever go back to school: I'm in school now, classes at USC!
And, by the way: I am getting the travel bug again