Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dude, you aren't that important

So I'm at this training with a room full of teachers. Most of them are cool. One of them is -- well, full of himself. California went "hands free" with cell phones in cars July 1st. This guy comes into the training wearing his hands free ear piece on his ear. And he keeps it on ALL DAY. He hasn't received one call but that doesn't matter -- the ear piece stays on...

I can see wearing an ear piece if a person's job requires them to be on the phone. Or if an important call is expected. But to keep it on all day? And never get a call? Come on. Get over yourself. You aren't that important. Really. If you are expecting a call, put your cell phone on vibrate, like the rest of us.

We're sitting by grade level and my grade level happens to be in the back so I have a view of the back of this guy's head. ALL DAY LONG. Yesterday, the guy sitting next to me asked, "Is he wearing his Bluetooth? Are you kidding me?" so I'm not the only one annoyed. Can you tell I'm about done with the training? It's only day 4...I have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to go...SIGH!!


Heather said...

THAT is my BIGGEST pet peeve these days! Seriously! WHY do these people need it in all day? Do they think it looks cool? I don't get it. I can't even stand to have mine on when I HAVE to have it on. STUPID!

Debbie Does Nothing said...

One of the reasons I'm glad I live in Iowa - the Bluetooth craze hasn't hit us yet. You can barely get cell reception in a lot of the rural areas. But I would be seriously tempted to slap that thing right off the guy's head.