Tuesday, August 19, 2008


With only two days left until I'm officially back to school, today was VERY PRODUCTIVE. Went to the grocery store (my cupboard was bare!), did several loads of laundry, made a cake -- from scratch -- for Madison to take to her end-of-summer party at day camp, took Madison shopping for her new school uniforms, and made spaghetti for dinner. AND sat in traffic on the freeway for an hour (that darn uniform shop is not close, and somebody rolled his car while we were shopping). In between, I did some schoolwork -- put paper in folders and printed out some of the things I've created for the new school year. Not a bad day's work!

Still have some schoolwork I want to get done tonight. When I went to the gifted education conference in June, I learned about independent research projects and I want to get some material ready for the kids. I've made a Staples run and have everything I need, just need to put it all together. The Cardinals are on TV and Madison has promised to help me...

Tomorrow is my first day of physical therapy for my knee. My doctor wants to try therapy instead of surgery. I'm all for that. I think tomorrow is more of an evaluation at the therapy place, it's in the same center as the doctor, a sports clinic. I just want to not have any more pain.