Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm attending a week long reading training this week with my friend Carol. Carol was my first friend at work, 15 years ago, and we have continued to be good friends both in and out of work. The training is at a local university and goes all day, Monday through Friday. Breakfast and lunch is included, and Carol and I have been meeting for breakfast each day. It's been nice to catch up with Carol -- she has a terrific sense of humor and is just plain FUN. This morning I decided to 'do' my hair and make-up -- the whole nine yards. Carol said, "You look great! Are you sure you aren't going on a date instead of here?" Ha! She made me feel good. I used my new Too Faced eye shadow insurance, Laura Gellar eye shadow, Too Faced mascara, Michael Marcus Prime and powder, Michael Marcus blush, and Michael Marcus lip gloss. The Michael Marcus items I bought at Takashimaya in New York City and the rest is from Sephora.

Other than that, the training is -- well, draining. I've taught the reading program for several years and most of the material is review. There have been several nuggets of information I can take back, but they are few and far between. The best part is meeting new people. There are 26 people in my session (Carol is in a different session, she teaches a different grade level), none of whom teach at my school, so everyone is new to me.

My "welcome back to work" letter came in the mail today. I officially report back to school next Thursday. WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?? After this LOOONG week, I have a single day training Monday (on an after-school intervention program I volunteered to teach) and then Tuesday and Wednesday off...then back to work....fall is coming!


Heather said...

It's SO weird to be hearing about people getting ready to be going back to school. I get a shot of guilt: crap! I should be thinking about that, too.

And then I realize that I'm not going back.

Definite mixed feelings!

How was your summer course??